Breaking some virtual bones in an operation theatre or screwing up the perfect KFC nuggets in the kitchen? Thanks to VR you can do it all. Virtual Gaming is spreading like wildfire since its inception. Even though the field still has huge scope for improvement, that does not stop gamers from plunging into the whole new world VR gaming brings together into a cubicle of space. It’s almost comparable to lucid dreaming wherein you get to choose the theme too. Take a look at the VR games that are breaking the gaming community and internet currently:

1.VR Surgeon Simulator

Get your seemingly body-less hands dirty with Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic by Bossa Studios while diving right into the middle of the business- the human or alien body at your operating table. Most gamers don’t mind the gross environment because nothing can beat the joy of tinkering around with a virtual body complete with organs you’re supposed to operate on.

2.VR Paranormal Activity

If horror is your preferred dose of an adrenaline rush then this game is made for you. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul game by VRWERX has the perfect recipe for horror survival. Doors banging in a 20×50 ft screen is childish compared to doors closing on all sides while you’re standing in a haunted house, even if it’s virtual.

3.KFC VR training

Getting into the place where they fry those perfect juicy chicken nuggets has been a dream for all chicken lovers. Take that into picture and imagine getting instructions from Sanders himself without the compulsion of actually following the drill. But here’s the catch, you can mess up as much as you want but it’s virtually impossible to escape the kitchen unless you’ve learned the recipe. Chicken nuggets have never been more exciting!

4.Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

Based on the late night show aired on Cartoon Network, this VR game by Owlchemy Labs allows you to get into the Rick and Morty universe and wreak havoc. VR spaces aren’t bound by rules after all. Experiment with tools present under the kitchen sink or simply fill the hall with papers with this game which has surpassed award winning VR game Job Simulator now.

5.Accounting VR

‘Madness’ is one word to describe this game by Crows Crows Crows. Mathematics is hard enough without having to deal with virtual worlds inside one another. Gamers usually end up losing both their minds and temper, while screaming much like everyone else in the game. Level of progress in VR Accounting can be used as a good standard of measuring your level of composure.