What if I tell u that the virtual world that we use is not what we see? It’s way beyond. The available internet is actually around 500 times larger than what we use. The part that is generally unassessed is called the Deep Web or Dark Web.

The key thing to keep in mind is the Dark Web is a small portion of the Deep Web. Some media is inaccurately defining both and we want to do our best to clear up the confusion. The websites, webpages and information that you find using web search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. only portray that you are exploring just the surface of the web. Search Engines use the crawling process to index the webpages. Thus, the general public access only surface web. The content that you cannot find using the search engine is termed as deep web. For example- If you search for something specific in the search engine it will give you many links and you will only find the content that you are looking for after clicking those links. Every website has its own search box. Thus the search engine’s search is limited to navigate the website. It won’t give you the links that are deep inside the website even if your search is specific. You have to go through different websites to find the particular link. The data that are purposefully unrevealed and is not attainable through any standard web browsers is termed as dark web. Dark Web is mostly used for illegal and nefarious activities. The content inside Dark Web is usually found using the Tor network.

In simple terms, there are places in web that cannot be accessed by search engines but can be accessed if you have an address.

In the normal world wide web browser, there is supposedly only one link that will take u to the Deep Web which changes every instant and there are millions of such link similar to it claiming that it is the one. However, one can easily access Deep Web through the Tor browser, which is exclusively meant for Deep Web surfing. This browser is best known for hiding the user’s IP address. Since, Deep Web surfing is majorly banned throughout the world, it is illegal to surf. Well, if you are bored reading this long, the fun part actually begins now. There are crazy stuff going on via Deep Web in real time. For example, all terrorist communications happen on this platform. The online currency of Deep Web are called Bitcoins. You can earn Bitcoins by playing online games where you have to kill small children or play some gross videos for a specific time, etc. There are sites here where you can order drugs and guns or even hire a hitman to kill someone in exchange of the Bitcoins earned. My personal friend once ordered a garden lome on the Deep Web. It was delivered at his doorstep within 2 hours. The scary part is someone just kept the parcel near his door and went off without even him knowing. So, we may hence infer that their people are everywhere, even among us. All the things and sites that are banned in the actual World Wide Web is accessible here. There are gruesome child pornography and animal molestry content available for viewers. There are sites here where there would be a person locked captive and shown live. People viewing it can ask him how he should be killed or which body part of his should be cut first!

Still not getting its gravity? Well, if you ever try surfing on Deep Web, your browser size should not be maximized, because there are innumerable hacking attempts on your system happening and once you maximise the tab, the hackers come to know the screen size of your system which makes it easier to hack in. Happy browsing!