Technology: The application of scientific principles to solve industrial problems.

Needless to say, technology has been the perennial harbinger of change and at times, destruction. Technology has pushed the human race forward in the past and continues to do so. You might love it, you might abhor it, yet its significance on the very fabric of time cannot be undermined in any manner. The wheel, the steam engine, the light bulb– they were all inventions which brought about a revolution and challenged civilization for what it stood for.

Human Evolution

It’s only imperative to assume that such a construct should receive no flak, right?

Humanity and technology have been in eternal conflict with each other. The newspaper pulled people apart as far as morning greetings were concerned. Facebook pried open your world whilst at the same time, veiled human interaction to a large degree. Technology can offer a limitless number of demerits if one looks far enough; the real question is- is it worth it?

The blunt answer is- yes.

If anything, it has made our lives only simpler. With virtually every resource at our fingertips, there no longer exists the necessity to visit a library to browse through volumes of irrelevant work. The internet, for instance, has revolutionized the way we go about the most basic of things.

Earth Connectivity

Any tool is as useful as the individual responsible for it. True, it can give birth to abominations at times but we’d do well to remember that it’s not technology at fault here.  

Tools don’t kill humans, people do. Nuclear explosions didn’t annihilate Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war did. Cars don’t bring about accidents, careless drivers do.

With great power comes great responsibility, and the same holds true for science. Technology is a tool, to be harnessed to great success by those with the intention to do so, and it’ll forever remain the evergreen agent of change and scientific evolution.

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