After the exciting start to the year with CES, every tech geek has been waiting eagerly for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2018. Held in Barcelona, every year the biggest names in the mobile industry come together to show off the latest and greatest that they have to offer. For the last few years, it is Samsung that has taken centre-stage as they take this opportunity to announce their flagship Galaxy S smartphones. Expect nothing less from the company this time, but there are plenty of other innovations too that often get swept under the carpet. Read on to know more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 

After the battery debacle of the Note 7, the company has recovered spectacularly, recording $14 billion dollars in profits during the last quarter of 2017. With competitors such as OnePlus and Apple introducing new features such as FaceUnlock and bezel-less displays, expect Samsung to raise its game.

  • In its teasers, Samsung has made a big deal out of its cameras. Recent leaks have pointed to the camera getting upgraded to feature a new 3-stack ISOCELL sensor. This will allow quicker and more accurate focusing. The new shooter may also support slow-motion video at 960 fps at 720p resolution, and along with the Sony Xperia Z1, it would become the only phone to support super slo-mo. One of the cameras is also rumoured to have a f/1.5 aperture, which would be a first. This would help immensely in low light photography. While the S9 will feature only one camera, the S9+ will add in a second.
  • Expect a higher screen to body ratio in the front, in accordance with the recent bezel-less trend
  • Samsung’s response to the Face-Unlock feature of Apple is something called Intelligent Scan. It combines iris scanning and facial scanning to provide a more secure method of unlocking your phone.


The much-loved smartphone brand is expected to finally launch its new device to compete with the likes of the Galaxy S9 and the Pixel 2. This may come in the form of the Nokia 8 Sirocco. The company maintains its nostalgic quotient by using the ‘Sirocco’ brand name that was used way back in 2006. The phone is rumoured to sport a 5.5-inch display with curved edges, similar to what Samsung is doing with their flagships.

Apart from this, they may also launch an Android One device as well as an entry-level Nokia 1 phone.

(Not) Apple

Even though Apple never comes to the MWC, they still make their presence felt on the show floor. How you may ask. Well, Asus is rumoured to introduce a bezel-less phone. It is rumoured to have a notch, with an undeniable resemblance to the iPhone X. Apart from this, we already know that Croatia’s Noa Mobile is bringing their iPhone X clone to Barcelona to ensure that nobody misses Apple.

iPhone X


While a slew of lighter Android Go applications have been hitting the Playstore in recent weeks, the launch of the operating system with the same name is expected to be unveiled during MWC. It is meant to work on smartphones with as little as 512MB of RAM. Google has also promised the launch of many more Android One devices, Google’s lineup of cheaper smartphones with stock Android experience. All for better cheap phones. Hurray!


With Snapdragon launching the AI focused Snapdragon 845 chip earlier during the year, expect a slew of devices to be big on AI. One such device is the LG V30S ThinQ which will use AI to improve camera and voice technologies. It will be exciting to see how various manufacturers use this emerging technology.

Other innovations

Contrary to the name, MWC is not only about mobiles. The rollout of 5G is expected to continue to take place. 5G networks are expected to allow for greater data speeds and better coverage.
Some companies are set to launch digital platforms that offer services such as video messaging, music streaming or video on demand.
Under the screen fingerprint sensors, connected cars, digital health and smart cities will be some other offerings to round up MWC.


Let’s see what happens in the next 4 days!