Customise. Create. Control.

Who doesn’t like to feel special? The reason why we love the term “custom-made” is because we would do anything to own something that is personally made to suit our needs. After all, a device made to ease up your tasks should be adapting to you rather than you adapting to it. If you are one of those people who like to give a personal touch to their stuff (Who doesn’t?), we have good news for you. The customisation options that KAI has to offer will get you on a customisation spree as soon as you lay your hands on it.

We built this device to make interaction with digital devices as easy and intuitive as possible and we realised that each individual’s choice of option needs to be valued to make a device that is fully customisable. But if you are amongst those who don’t seem to enjoy the idea of customising that much and feel like it’s a bit too much of work, we’ve also got it worked out for you.

How does KAI do it?

The Control Centre: can be rightfully called the centre of KAI’s customisation ability. With the help of control centre, you can use any application on your computer and mimic any keyboard or mouse action that you use in the application. In short, all your interactive actions with the application can be mapped to gestures in KAI and this can be done for every single application. The control centre creates different profiles for all the applications so that it is easy for you to keep track of the customisations made for each one of them.

Within each profile, you get 12 cards that you can use for the customisation with the default profile in the Home section. Various gestures offered by KAI are:

1. Swipe – the eight basic gestures that include swipe (up, left, down, right) and sideways swipe (up, left, down, right).

2. Pinch and Grab – for continuous actions such as panning, rotating and zooming.

3. Dial gesture – particularly useful for scrolling.

4. Shortcuts – for setting any keyboard shortcut to one of the four fingers.

Apart from this, you can also create one gesture shortcut for an elaborate number of keystrokes with the Macro option. With this option in the control centre, you just press the record button and record your keystrokes that will then be set and imitated each time you make that gesture. The Macro customisation can, in short, give you your own set of shortcuts.

Custom Profiles: As mentioned earlier, if all this customising in the control centre seems like too much work for you, we got you covered. Default profiles for nearly 100 applications will come in the package. So whenever you start an application KAI will take over from the default profile, which you can, of course, edit according to your preferences if you wish to. The applications will include everything from games to modelling softwares to media players. An added advantage that this will give KAI over your traditional interaction devices is hand gesture recognition, which a mouse or keyboard can’t do. Since KAI can track motion in three axes, moving about a model in a 3D modelling application will be similar to manipulating the object as if you were holding it in your hand.

Developer SDK: Another powerful tool for developers that will come with KAI is the developer kit that will allow a developer to create profiles to make KAI compatible with any device that can be connected to Bluetooth. With this single feature, the possibility of what the KAI can do will reach a whole new level.

With Home Automation and AR/VR dominating the future of technology, developer SDK is just the tool that will make KAI never go out of fashion or run out of use cases.

We will also provide customised solutions for industries that need KAI for functions that can’t easily be mapped using the control centre. Like each individual, every company has a different set of applications that they use to help them build their products. Depending on their requirements the team will provide them custom profiles best suited for their needs and for deep integration.

All in all, KAI is not like one of those phones that come with useless built-in apps you can’t get rid of. After all, everybody loves a personal touch to their belongings. KAI is gonna provide an inseparable style of interaction between people and digital devices with ‘customisation’ making it adaptable for all categories of users.