Less than 10ms latency

As we spend more time using digital devices we expect them to become faster and more efficient. We recognise that and have made sure that our device, when optimally used, will have a latency of at most 10ms. Our goal is to improve work efficiency and we can’t do that if our mind has to slow down for our tools. Not only is the KAI fast enough to peak your productivity it also enhances other devices. Using the KAI when typing will help you do more work in less time.

mm level accuracy

With all the applications that KAI is going to be compatible with a lot of them demand as high accuracy as possible. You’d be pleased to know that KAI has mm level accuracy which simply means it is as good as a great mouse or a keyboard or a touch screen.

Quality and Quantity

It is usually thought that by doing something in a hurry one compromises on quality. With the KAI that isn’t an issue you should worry about. It significantly reduces your work time letting you do more without making you fatigued. Now, you don’t have to choose between doing good work and doing more work.